Trampoline & Tumbling

2020 Summer Classes – updated

All 2020 summer classes offered will be 50 minutes long

ATTIRE: Girls wear a leotard or t-shirt & shorts. Leotards with skirts should not be worn. Boys wear a t-shirt & shorts. Socks must be worn for trampoline. Athletic shoes may be worn for tumbling classes. If long pants are worn, they must not touch the floor as this would be a safety hazard. Hair must be pulled up and back from the face. No jewelry except post earrings.

Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) (Coed)

The primary focus of these T&T classes will be tumbling. Trampoline time will incorporate drills and skills to help improve tumbling.

EVALUATIONS for Recreational classes:

Premier holds FREE evaluations for NEW to Premier students at any time and 2 FREE, pre-scheduled (one in November and one in May), evaluations for current class students.

There is a $10 fee, payable in the pro shop, for current students who request additional evaluations (for any reason).


Mini Jumpers (T&T) – (45 min. class, 1 hour starting August 12, 2019) – For ages 4-5

Level 1 (T&T) – (1 hour class) – For ages 5 and older

Level 2 (T&T) – (1 hour class) – For ages 5 and older.  Must have evaluation for this level

Level 3 (T&T) – (1 hour class) – For ages 6 and older.  Must have evaluation for this level

Level 4 (T&T) – (1.5 hour class) – For ages 6 and older.  Permission of the T&T Director is required for enrollment.

Tumbling – (1 hour class) – Evaluation required for this class.  Requirements:  Handstand Hold, Back-bend Bridge, and Cartwheel.  This class is designed for athletes who wish to better their tumbling abilities; whether it be for cheerleading, dance, or just for fun. Skill focuses include: round-off, standing and tumbling back handsprings, aerials and front and back flips. Trampoline is used as a training tool.

Advanced Tumbling – (1 hour class) – Evaluation required for this class.  Requirements:  Round-off and Back Handspring.  This class is the next step for athletes who have mastered the skills in Tumbling level one. If you are a cheerleader or a dancer who wants to improve your acro skills, this is the class for you. Main skill focuses include: standing and tumbling multiple back handsprings, front and back flip connections, and front aerials.