Open Gym

NEW – Exclusive Open Gym

Premier is now offering 1 hour, Exclusive Open Gym time slots for up to 20 of your family and/or friends!
As with our regular Open Gyms, all the equipment is available to use: trampolines, pits, bars, beams, etc.

Adults 22 years and older are only allowed to actively participate on carpeted surfaces.

All participants are required to complete a waiver which can be found HERE

COST $140
DAYS and TIMES Saturday – 3:00, 4:30

Please note – while your specific day and time is exclusive to you and your group, there could be other activities such as private lessons occurring at the same time. In the event this happens, priority will be given to the members of the Exclusive Open Gym.

Call our Pro Shop to reserve your spot – 402-571-6630

Pre-registration is now required for all Open Gyms listed below

An account MUST be created to pre-register (Create Account)


  • December 24, 26, 31
  • January 1

Open Gym is a great time for supervised learning with a structured warm-up.

Times are supervised by Premier staff, but not instructional times.

A $5 CASH ONLY fee must be paid (at the time of pick-up) for EVERY 10 minutes after the Open Gym end time listed below.  If you carpool, please be sure all parties understand this policy.


  • FREE when used as a make-up (must have a missed class in our system)
  • FREE to parents who are accompanying their child
  • Thursday Daytime only – $5.00 / attendee
  • Friday / Saturday Open Gym – $10.00 / attendee

THURSDAY Daytime Open Gym

  • (ONLY Offered During the School Year Schedule)
  • 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
  • Pre-schoolers are allowed when accompanied by a supervising adult
  • Kindergarten age – 21
  • 22 years and older are ONLY allowed on the floor

FRIDAY Ages Preschool – 21

  • 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Pre-schoolers are allowed when accompanied by a supervising adult
  • 22 years and older are ONLY allowed on the floor

SATURDAY Ages Preschool-21

  • 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
  • 22 years and older are ONLY allowed on the floor


  • Every Open Gym participant MUST have a wristband.
  • Tumble trak is a one way street into the pit.
  • When going into any pit, you MUST land on your feet or your bottom.
  • Time on tramps will be “controlled” by the observing staff person if necessary.
  • Tumble trak and swinging rings must wait until a staff member says you may go.
  • Rod floor can be used for tumbling or races into the pit. Make sure when you start running that no one is in the pit. You CANNOT jump over or on people in the pits.
  • Foam blocks that come out/or taken out of any pit must go back in that pit by the end of Open Gym.
  • Proper attire required – NO bare midriff or bare chest.
  • Please remove all loose articles before entering the gym.
  • Anyone under the age of 5 MUST be supervised at all times by an adult.
  • NO running up and flipping off walls
  • NO flipping into a pit or on a trampoline without asking a staff person first.
  • NO flipping off elevated surfaces.
  • NO Jumping or flipping off the pit bar platform.
  • NO crossing the tumble trak. Walk around the end.
  • NO adults on any equipment.
  • NO gum
  • NO chase games or running across the floor or under equipment.
  • NO bad language.
  • DO NOT climb or play on the mats that are kept on the cement.
  • DO NOT pick off pieces of the foam blocks.

If a participant has to be warned more than once about the same incorrect behavior and is causing a problem/disruption, a staff member can sit the child in a short time out. Time out is to be located near the staff member.  Anyone with extreme behavior issues will be asked to leave.  If parents are not available, then the participant will sit next to a staff member for the remainder of Open Gym.