Competitive Programs

Starting May 30, 2023

Recreational Team – Premier is developing a team designed for girls who want to get a taste of competition.  Girls will continue to take a core class and enroll in an additional 1.5-hour class. The additional class will emphasize increasing physical fitness and learning new skills, and routines to perform at in-gym competitions. All this in a fun-filled environment. Girls will participate in a tryout to be part of either the Royal (beginner) group or the Sterling (more advanced) group. 

Premier currently has 3 distinct competitive programs:

Development (Dev) Artistic Girls Gymnastics Team – This team is part of USA Gymnastics’ J.O. program.  The J.O. program is designed for girls who are willing to devote a lot of time and commitment to becoming the best gymnast they can be within the state, regionally, and nationally.  Our J.O. Artistic Team consists of levels 1-10, with levels 1-5 being ‘Compulsory’ (pre-choreographed routines and skills ) and levels 6-10 being ‘Optional’ (routines choreographed specifically for each individual gymnast)

Development (Dev) Trampoline & Tumbling – This team is part of USA Gymnastics’ J.O. program.  Premier’s T&T team is a co-ed team for those interested in competing in the Olympic event of Trampoline and the event of Power tumbling.  This team consists of levels 1-10, with levels 1-7 being ‘Compulsory’ and levels 8-10 being ‘Optional’.  This team does compete within the state, regionally, and nationally.

Xcel Girls Gymnastics- This team is part of USA Gymnastics, the governing body of Olympic Gymnastics and Trampoline. Premier Xcel is an avenue for girls to experience competitive gymnastics with individualized routines and without an intense time commitment. Levels range from intermediate (Bronze & Silver) to advanced (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). For more information on this team, please contact our Pro Shop