Originally called the l’Art du Deplacement: ‘the Art of Displacement’. Parkour is an art of movement, a physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment. Parkour derives from the French word parcours meaning ‘route’ or ‘course’.

AttireT-shirt and sweatpants or shorts are all that is needed. Hair must be tied back and away from the face.


Level 1 – ages 7-17 – (50-minute class)

Students will learn the foundation of Parkour: coordination, balance and spatial awareness. All that is needed to participate in this class is a positive mindset and willingness to learn. All of our exercises and skills are progressive and can be customized to challenge athletes on an individual basis.

Level 2 – ages 10-17 – (50-minute class)

Students will continue their parkour training with emphasis on skill connections, advanced techniques, and circuits.  All while Learning the importance of safety in the sport of parkour.

Level 3 – ages 10-17 – (50-minute class)

Students will learn how to start adding their own style to foundational moves, adapting to unique and vary environments, as well as linking together basic skills in longer runs.

Level 4 – ages 10-17 – (50-minute class)

Athletes will use their accomplishments in the basics to start developing their own personal style and flow. Focus at this level is directed towards combinations and application of the sport.  This level will provide an introduction to aerial and acrobatic elements.

Level 5 – ages 10-17 – (50-minute class)

Students at this level have mastered the foundational elements of Parkour. Multiple elements linked together will mimic and prepare the athlete for the urban Parkour landscape. This class is also designed to give our athletes the ability and knowledge to start combining aerial and acrobatic elements to their combinations.

EVALUATIONS for Recreational classes:

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There is a $10 fee, payable in the pro shop, for current students who request additional evaluations (for any reason).

Level 1 – No Testing Required

All that is needed to participate in the beginner class is a positive mindset and a willingness to learn. All of our exercises and skills are scalable, meaning that we can customize them and easily challenge people on an individual basis.