Dance Classes Omaha


NO Dance show fees if you maintain enrollment starting in August.

If not starting in August, a dance class show fee equal to $10, per month missed, from August will be assessed.



Combo (Gymnastics & Dance)

Ages 3 – Pre K (50-minute class) Half the time spent learning gymnastics and the other half spent learning dance.

Ballet & Tap

Mini Stars through Shooting Stars are coed classes that work on creative movement, ballet, and tap throughout the entire year.

ATTIRE:  Girls wear a leotard, tights, and pink ballet shoes. Boys wear a t-shirt, shorts (no jean shorts), and black ballet shoes. Mini Stars through Shooting Stars Ballet & Tap must have black tap shoes. Dancers must bring both ballet and tap shoes to every class. Hair must be pulled up and back from the face. No jewelry except small post earrings.

Mini Stars Ballet & Tap – ages 3-4 years old (50-minute class)

Stars Ballet & Tap – ages 5-8 years old (50-minute class)

Shooting Stars Ballet & Tap – ages 9-12 years old (50-minute class)

Hip Hop

ATTIRE:  Shorts/sweatpants, t-shirts, and lightweight CLEAN tennis shoes.

Hip Hop – ages 8-12 years old (50-minute class) For boys and girls.  Kids will combine contemporary jazz and hip hop styles of dance.  Students will learn fun funky moves and self-expression through dance.